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Thu, Jan 12, 2017

Do not use dev TLD

Today I learned to not use .dev as a TLD to local development.

It ends up that there is already one open process to become a global TLD, like we have .com, .net and nowadays .whatever

But until today I didn’t know why when I used sometimes .dev it was pointing to IP address, but by researching today the reason I end up finding it!

It’s to avoid name collision

…in their words: is a special IPv4 address that will appear in system logs alerting system administrators that there is potential name collision issue, enabling a quick diagnosis and remediation. The “53” is used as a mnemonic to indicate a DNS-related problem owing to the use of network port 53 for the DNS service.

So from now on I will start to use .local as my local dev environment TLD.

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