Vinícius Krolow

Let's hurt the code!


List of some talks that I have been giving over the years


Microservices Quebrando Gigantes Em Pequenos first presented at Mar 26, 2015

Talk given in Pelotas, at GDG Pelotas, it presents microservices architecture, by explain what is it, and how to achieve it.


Machucando O Código Técnicas Para Escrever Um Código Com Uma Maior Legibilidade first presented at Nov 1, 2014

Talk given at 4 Souwebpel - Pencha Kucha, I talked why I love code, and some practices that we can use to increase the code legibility.

Programming.Success first presented at Oct 10, 2014

I was invited to talk at Academic Week of Computer at IFSUL Pelotas, I was unsure what i’d i talk for guys that are starting as programmer, and for some of them that are about to join the market, so I decided to do a more soft skill talk about programmer career.

After show this presentation I had received two more invitations to talk about the same subject in others universities.

Vagrant Ambiente De Desenvolvimento Virtualizado first presented at Sep 28, 2014

Talk given in Pelotas, at conference Tchê Linux Pelotas, it presents vagrant as a solution for development environments, pointing some problems and some solutions that vagrant might help, some of the points are:


  • Projects environment are complex (multiple databases, multiple web-services, multiple languages)
  • Handle software version is complex (different requirement, different version…)
  • Development OS might be different than production OS
  • How share the env between developers
  • We do not isolate our development, it might be sharing same resources of browser and other processes running in development machine
  • It takes time to configure all the project
  • You can not replicate this process in another machine

So a long of the presentation it shows some facts and problems and how vagrant and some provision tool might help to solve such problems, by creating a sharable, isolate and replicable environment.

Empregado Like A Boss first presented at Aug 1, 2014

Talk given at IFSUL for distance learning courses, about the job market, and what we could do to be employed in a good job.


Design Patterns O Que Sao E Quando Devem Ser Usados first presented at Apr 18, 2013

Talk given in Pelotas, at a local meetup (HackThursday), I have talked together with Lucas Teixeira about Design Patterns, presenting some of most common design patterns that we use in daily bases.


Deixando De Ser Moleque Com PHP first presented at Aug 26, 2012

Talk given in Pelotas, at conference Tchê Linux Pelotas, it’s talk about PHP, showing good tools, practices, frameworks and libraries, that might turn PHP developers, actually into Programmers.

Object Calisthenics first presented at Jul 23, 2012

Talk given in Pelotas, at a local meetup (HackThursday), explaining the 9 rules of Object Calisthenics.