Vinícius Krolow

Let's hurt the code!


Hey, you! I’m Vinícius Krolow, as the header of the page says… I’m a Senior full stack developer with over a decade of experience.

Currently I’m based in the beautiful city of Florianópolis, living with my wife and 4 dogs.

I’m always involved in some learning process, it’s one of the things that I most like in the technology field, it’s that felling, that we always have something new to learn and to improve ourselves.

Professionally speaking, you can check my resume here, and linkedin I’m open for new opportunities, do not hesitate to contact me.


My main experience is in the backend side, I have worked about 6 years dedicated to backend side, and still the area where I most shine. But, to be completed as a backend developer you need to know the whole thing, when I say the whole thing, is all the areas that you are working with, like mobile, or the frontend side of WEB, devops side, etc…

As knowing the whole thing I have started to also supporting some tasks in the front-end side and I had at the time a good knowledge of javascript, so it was when I got more involved with frontend as well, developing some mobile applications with Objective-C native, as well hybrid apps… Also got involved in some projects where I as dedicated to frontend side, been full time developer in javascript, it was few years before the term Full Stack have been given for such a role.

In general a long of the years I got experience in:

  • doing the HTML/CSS
  • cutting layout from Firworks/Photoshop
  • develop desktop applications
  • develop Backend API
  • develop crawlers
  • develop single page apps
  • develop convertion tools
  • develop social apps
  • develop CMS
  • customize CMS like Wordpress/Drupal/Tyopo3 even create plugins for those
  • develop distributed systems using microservices architecture, etc..

My Focus

I still enjoy a lot backend side, and it stills the area where I have most experience and I really enjoy to work with, but I have been also focus in develop single apps applications with React.js, Angular, so that I can take ideas out of paper and implement the whole thing.

I really love to learn new things, as I have said before, and I have been dedicated my learning process in new languages (Go, Elixir) and paradigms like Functional, as well in distributed systems (where I have started a master degree but I didn’t conclude because I moved to another city).

These things that I’m learning are been my focus to enable me to create applications that scale, and keep the logic simple in the domain that belongs to, and I think new paradigms and languages would help me write a simple code that better describes the given problem that I need to solve, by having more languages and paradigms in my toolkit I can choose what is the best tool for a given task.

Keywords that I have been using

Have used for several projects: Angular.js, React.js, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Javascript, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Symfony 2, ES6, ES2015, babel.js, MySQL, PgSQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Docker, Microservices, MongoDB, Redis, etcd, Java (Android), Redux, Vagrant, Bootstrap, Express, Jquery, Wordpress

Have used more than once: Python, Flask, Backbone, Asp, ElasticSearch, Lucene, Rx.js, Firebase, Electron, Puppet, Silex, Cilex, Windows Powerpoint COM, Drupal, Typo3, Rails, Croogo

Have used at least once: Ember.js, Riak, Objective-C, Django, Rails 4, Phonegap, OpenCV, Titanium, Hugo

Have been learning: Go, Elixir