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Tue, Mar 8, 2016

Back to terminal: Tmux + Vim + ZSH + Gnome Terminal

Topic: terminal Learning Path: Configuring

I was willing to get back to vim (i have used it about 8-9 years ago), In the last couple of years I have switch around between code editors, I have tried: Eclipse, Sublime 2 and lately I have been using atom.

I get motivated to get back to vim, after have watched this talk about Vim, and by my co-worker, whom is using vim as well… and it sounds excited to get back for use only terminal, to try avoid as much as possible mouse.

So well talking back about terminal, It’s going to be necessary to leave out from guake, the termianl that I have been using for the last few years. The reason is that guake, is not done to keep in fullscreen, it does it, but his core functionality is to be a drop-down terminal, so it is better to choose another terminal for given task, for this, gnome already come with gnome-terminal, but It would be nice to gnome-terminal have support to split into panels/windows… I have remember to have heard about tmux.

Looking tmux

Install in ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install tmux
It by defaults uses Ctrl + B, as the shortcut to trigger commands, but it is quite uncomfortable to type, so I was needing to change the trigger, after some research of how to change it I have found this repository:

It is an example of tmux configuration, it changes the shortcut/trigger to Ctrl + a and it brings some cool configurations like:

Backing to Tmux itself…

So basically the commands are simple, they MUST be executed after the trigger/predix, so as I have used tmux-config now it is: Ctrl + a

Basic commands that I have learned:


  • Create vertical: Ctrl + a %
  • Create horizontal: Ctrl + a
  • Rotate: Ctrl + a o


  • Create new: Ctrl + a c
  • Move to next window:Ctrl + a n
  • Move to prev window: Ctrl + a p
  • Move to specific window: Ctrl + a [0-9]

Scroll in specific panel Ctrl + a [ to active and up or down to scroll

I have decided to start always tmux together with zsh, to achieve such a thing, I have added in the end of my vim ~/.zshrc the following command:

if [[ ! $TERM =~ screen ]]; then
  exec tmux

Given a better look to terminal

Once been using tmux and gnome-terminal, it would be nice to have a better look in terminal. I have found few themes that would make it look better, so I have changed the themes for: oh-my-zsh, Gnome Terminal, and Vim. For all of them I have tried to pick as similar as possible with atom dark theme:

To keep improve

I need to give a look on Powerline, after watch the below video it seems amazing:

A part of that, I still needing to configure my vim, I have tried to use this vimrc it looks good, BUT I think to begin it would be better if I configure vim by my self, so that I can learn while configure it.

Hey, have you find a typo or english smell? help me improve my english, i'll be glad to receive an improvement here.